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 1. HPC cluster loan  

If you need HPC cluster hardware to process computation, we can loan it at a  competitive price. We have cooperation with many supercomputing centers.

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 2. Batch Computing Trusteeship Service  

If you loan HPC hardware from us, we can provide Batch Computing Trusteeship Service. Only initial states is needed,  we will submit them to supercomputer, decide the parallel mode of programm,  moniter the computer process, and  provide results to you directly.


Requirements and Quotation
 3. GPU/MIC accelerate the computing  

GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) and MIC (Many Integrated Core) have evolved to powerful and promising coprocessors, which can potentially accelerate numerical simulation dozens of times faster than CPUs. Here, we can provide the technology service, which will help to use these accelerator on some simultion software, such as Gromacs, Lammps and Guassian.


 Requirements and Quotation