SciCalQ Presents Deep Learning Platform MolWise for Chemical and Materials Research on ICT-HPCC17

SciCalQ, a chemical technology company that provide artificial intelligence(AI) and computation service to make scientific computing in chemistry and materials smarter and easier, presented its AI deep learning platform MolWise on International Conference on Theoretical and High Performance Computational Chemistry 2017 (ICT-HPCC17). MolWise is An End-to-End Machine Learning Platform for chemistry and materials, especially for spectral or energy prediction of organic molecules.


“MolWise has shown very accurate result in energy prediction of organic molecules. Thus, we have release some functions online. On the other side, we have developed our new algorithm for fluorescence spectrum prediction. The model has shown its advance in results. We will release this function in MolWise soon,” said Dr. Jianming Chen, the CTO of SciCalQ. “Our machine learning platform MolWise has potential to applied in the many chemical and material research fields, such as molecular design of organic opto-electronic materials, or of drug. Because, MolWise have capacities to select useful and proper molecular from millions or even billions candidates at limited time.”


The response from ICT-HPCC17 is very good. We hope our machine learning plat form can be widely used to promote the research in Chemistry and Materials in future



About SciCalQ

SciCalQ is a chemical technology company that provide artificial intelligence(AI) and scientific computing service to promote the research in chemistry and materials. Based on high performance computing platform, SciCalQ provide one-stop solutions in AI (include algorithm, software and platform construction), scientific computing(include first-principle calculation, molecular dynamic simulation), software & training and data visualization.

SciCalQ was established in June 2017 by a group of young people who have professional background in computational chemistry and machine learning, and committed to making scientific computing smarter and easier. Now, as a pioneer, SciCalQ is ready to provide best products and service to clients all over the world.

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