Welcome to SciCalQ!

SciCalQ was established in June 2017, and is  committed to making scientific computing easily. SciCalQ provides one-stop solution for a range of scientific computing for our clients in universities and companies .

The business scopes of SciCalQ mainly focus on following aspects:

1.AI in drug discovery

AI has been demonstrated is a powerful tool to predict many properties of chemicals, such as molecule energies, local chemical potentials in molecules, reliable isomer energies, infrared spectra and so on. We have a very experience team to apply the AI technology to promote your research.

The AI  based molecule energy prediction demo is shown: http://molwise.ai/  http://molwise.scicalq.com/

2. Simulation Service

We provide simulation service in the  First-Principle CalculationMolecular Dynamic Simulation, HPC Cluster Development and other related services.  The professional consulting, technology support, and HPC clusters will be supplied.

3. Scientific Software & Training

We are the resellers of some scientific softwares. On the other side, we can provide one-to-one training for many simulation softwares in MD and QM.

4. Scientific Data Visualization

Visualization of Scientific Data is becoming more and more important today. We have a team who worked in this field for more than five years.

If you have any requirement in these fields, please feel free to contact us.